Intel® Approved Memory Product Verification Tool


Step 1:

To verify a memory module in your Intel motherboard or system is Intel Approved, first select the module manufacturer name from the Memory Module Manufacturers box below.  

Step 2:

All module part numbers from the manufacturer that have ever been advanced tested by CMTL and have been listed as Intel approved on at least one platform will be displayed.

Step 3:

Select a memory module part number from the drop down list. A webpage will appear that displays all Intel platforms that the module part number is listed as Intel Approved along with the final test report, photo of the module and module status (EOL or current).


Module Number:


If the module manufacturer or part number in your system is NOT on the drop down lists, it means the module has not been Intel® Approved on ANY Intel® platform. If the part number is designated as EOL it means the part number is no longer available. An alternative “form, fit and function equivalent” that may be offered does not mean it has been “Advanced Tested” or “Intel® Approved”.

If you purchased a module that was represented as “Intel® Approved” on the specific platform or system and cannot be verified, CMTL strongly encourages you to contact the supplier and request replacement with verifiable Intel® Approved modules for your specific Intel® platform or system.
Please report to CMTL any possible memory module miss representation or issues by clicking on: Memory Module Issues


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